Lebanese Municipalities Are Reportedly Dissolving Under The Crisis

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From outside the wave of crises, the country seems completely resigned to collapse without resistance, and it appears that all state institutions have not survived, but rather are preparing for the biggest crash.

While the officials shook their hands and contented themselves with theorizing without working on a quick and real solution to the problems, the municipalities are the latest shaky pillars in many Lebanese regions, especially after the municipal elections were postponed.

In detail, 10% of the municipalities in Lebanon are dissolved and 30% suffer from vacancies in light of exceptional economic and social circumstances.

The head of “Justicia” organization, lawyer Dr. Paul Morcos, said to local media that the municipality is the basic “decentralized unit” in Lebanon.

The municipalities are extremely important, even though citizens, officials, and even some of those in charge of it do not realize their importance, especially in the current situation.

Regarding the municipal elections, Morcos pointed out, that the Parliament has postponed, with a “stroke of a pen”, these elections to May 31, 2023.

Citizens did not show any reaction, even though the municipal elections are no less important than the parliamentary elections, as he said.

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