Lebanon Is Launching A Registration Platform For People To Get Vaccinated

Mohammed Zaatari

Lebanon will launch an online registration platform on Thursday to help organize the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, starting with priority registration for healthcare workers.

The launch, which was initially scheduled for Monday of this week, was postponed for Tuesday then again for Thursday.

Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan, who was hospitalized for contracting the COVID-19 virus, was discharged last week and has resumed his ministry’s work on Monday.

TDS/Mohamad Azakir

In preparation for the vaccination phase, Hassan held expanded meetings with representatives of trade unions in the health and medical sectors, and with civil and military representatives in order to regulate the process.

He issued a statement on Monday declaring that “the plan to manage the vaccination file will be announced on Tuesday and will constitute a pivotal stage that depends on transparency and justice to confront the outbreak of the virus in Lebanon.”

He added that vaccination centers will be named through a detailed plan, in order to make sure that there will be a fair distribution of the vaccine in the capital as well as in all governorates.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan previously agreed on a plan to vaccinate Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The plan aims to give priority to medical personnel and set-up vaccination centers close to the most populated refugee camps.

Meanwhile, the World Bank pledged $34 million to help Lebanon secure vaccines for around 2 million people.

As 2.1 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will begin arriving in weekly installments starting next month, Lebanon has reportedly set up 33 or 34 vaccination centers across the country to ready for the vaccination drive.

Officials are expected to implement a well-thought-out distribution plan that will ensure no more panic to the alarming high number of coronavirus cases in Lebanon.

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