15 Valentine Gifts For Her To Show Off Your Love This Year In Lebanon

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Valentine’s day is nearing and many are still on the lookout for what to buy for their girlfriends or spouses. If you haven’t decided yet, this is for you!

Here is a list of great gifts that you can offer to your significant other on this romantic day.

#1 Customizable card box

Nothing shouts out “I love you” more than a box filled with love cards. Serenade your love this year with cute notes describing how much you love her.

#2 Custom-made bag

Present a customized bag for your lover and enjoy her reaction. Bags are necessary, useful, and fashionable accessories that she will truly appreciate.

#3 Candy bouquet

If your S/o has a sweet tooth (who doesn’t?), presenting her with a candy bouquet would be a great gift this Valentine. Just don’t forget to add a note on how much you love her!

#4 Statement Wall décor

A loving statement to decorate her bedroom’s wall, and that lasts, right there in front of her eyes to keep you and your love in her mind at all times! Nicely framed statements are lovely, inspiring, and make great gifts.

#5 An “energy” accessory

Copper accessories with semi-precious gemstones are all the rage right now as people have been tapping into healing energy. These trendy “energy” accessories come in different forms and varieties, whether rings, bracelets, or pendants, and make So a very special gift that is not as expensive as fine jewelry.

#6 A gift box

Whether customized or not, gift boxes are an excellent idea for Valentine’s as they are always appreciated for having more than one item gift to use and enjoy.

Consider gift boxes that have a small variety of items you know she needs or wants, goodies to sweeten her palate, a candle to scent her space, and a couple of items that last beyond Valentine’s day.

#7 Smash chocolate heart

Not something that will last her beyond the moment, but it has its thrill and laughter, as she smashes the chocolate heart and you both get to discover and enjoy the yummy and tasty candies hidden inside. Consider pre-ordering it with a special message from you inside the chocolate.

This gift is cute and delicious, and also a stress-reliever.

#8 Skin care

You can never go wrong with a gift of skincare for a woman whatever the age, especially when attention is given to the choice of good quality and more so natural products. From face refreshers and masks to moisturizers lip balms, the choices are endless.

Skincare items are truly perfect Valentine gifts for women.

#9 Funky Socks with romantic statements

Funky socks have been a successful trend in recent years around the world. It is no longer “just socks” but socks with statements, bold, funky, fashionable, colorful, and fun to wear. And think ‘made in Lebanon” when you’re choosing that gift that will surely make her smile and warm her heart…. and feet.

#10 Chocolate, need I say more?

Chocolates are serotonin stimulators, said to be soul openers. A box of Valentine’s chocolate has a lot to say about love and sensuality.

#11 Scented candles

Scented candles are relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and brighten the mood with a romantic glow. Don’t just get any nicely made candle. Go also for a sensual and soothing aroma that will make her dream.

#12 Valentine’s Red Roses’ bouquet

It might sound “cliché” but red roses are appropriate for Valentine’s since they traditionally convey a message of love, most pertinently a love declaration or its confirmation or its renewal, depending on the occasion.

Bottom line, red roses gracefully and aromatically say to the recipient: “I Love You!”

And nowadays, florists have been beautifully creative in that regard. Your options are many.

#13 The sensual gift of aromatic soaps

Natural healthful products are more and more becoming the favorites of many and for a good reason. Scented natural soaps are among them since they are made with pure essential oils and provide aromatherapeutic benefits to their users.

In addition to the sensual pleasure these aromatic soaps provide, they ease stress, moisturize the skin, and invigorate the spirit, among other benefits.

They are also beautifully made, which makes them a lovely Valentine’s gift.

#14 Valentine’s heart accessories

They are several types of creative Valentine’s accessories you can choose from to symbolic present your heart to your Valentine. From earrings and pendants to keychains, these are kind of special as gifts.

#15 A Gift Card from her favorite store

If you know your Valentine well enough, you would know by now what is her favorite store in town, or what she has been fancying, whether to buy or do as an activity or a session.

Gift cards have been a very practical trend around the world. It gives the recipients the gift to buy what they want or need.

Depending on your budget, think about a beauty session, hair styling, makeup stores, an art workshop, a bookstore, a spa massage, foodies, a yoga class, and even a sports activity.

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