16 Valentine Gifts For Him In Lebanon That He Will Truly Appreciate

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Oh sweet Valentine, the event most awaited of the year when couples would do anything to express their love and gratitude for their significant other!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many couples are now rushing to buy a present for their loved ones. However, it is not always easy – let’s admit it – when it is about deciding what to buy as a gift for a man.

We know all that. Options can be limited to both what there is in the market and what a man could possibly wear or use or like, especially when it comes to a personal gift that says “I love you!”

So, here is a list of gift ideas we’ve gathered to help you decide, gifts that he will truly love and appreciate.

Tip: Keep in mind your significant other’s style and personality when deciding.

If you’re a man looking for a gift for your sweet Valentine and happened to have landed on this page, check our gift suggestions “for her” here.

#1 Cool & Trendy socks

They are trendy, practical, and fun to wear in any season, and even some top leaders in the world are wearing them. Want to draw a smile on his face followed quickly by a burst of laughter and a kiss? Get one of those!

#2 The multiple-gifts in a box

Sure, your budget has also its word to say but don’t back off just yet from this idea. You can find great ones at different prices in Lebanon and they are just perfect to spoil him with “a gift of several gifts.”

Alternatively, you can create that gift yourself to meet both your budget and what you know he would like in particular.

#3 Invite him for dinner

Men truly appreciate it when you invite them for dinner. Many restaurants and hotels in Lebanon have currently romantic packages for couples this Valentine. Check them up!

That Valentine dinner doesn’t have to be in restaurants if your budget doesn’t permit it. You may very well set the mood and the table of your own cooking at home.

#4 A modern wristwatch

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this. It’s men’s #1 accessory and the most sought after by them, whatever their lifestyles. Great choices of wristwatches don’t lack in Lebanon and at different prices.

#5 A phone case

Phone cases are trendy and quirky accessories that come in many colors and different statements. You can choose to order a customized one to make it personal and special for this occasion, even adding some inside jokes that you share with your man.

#6 A statement top

Statement shirts and hoodies are an ongoing trend that won’t end any time soon. If your S/O is a trendy man, consider gifting him one that he will love wearing and showing off. Check here for some available options.

#7 Skincare products

Men’s skincare is not just an indulgence trend, it is a necessity most men are embracing: from skin cleansing and moisturizers to rejuvenating cream and aftershave soothing gel. These are appreciated personal gifts that are very suitable for Valentine’s Day.

#8 An elegant tie

This might sound cliché but ties are an inevitable must in men’s wardrobe once they step into adulthood, whether for work, for job interviews, for galas, for formal dinners, and so on. They are elegant and useful gifts, and adding a dapper one to your men’s collection will be appreciated.

#9 Perfume

Lebanese men love to wear fragrances. No secret there. It’s part of their daily lifestyle. They always go for good brands and those are plenty in the Lebanese market. Then, let’s face it, there is a particular sensual thrill for women to go select the right scent for their partner.

#10 Men artisanal bracelets

Another fashion trend for men who are embracing their era and loving to make a statement of male sensation. Opt for a Lebanese artisanal bracelet of leather with a touch of beads or metal, or any of these multiple rows bracelets. They are super cool and manly.

#11 A savory box for a food-lover

If your man has a fancy eating palette, he will love a savory box to enjoy with a drink. You can order it with your own choices of goodies right at the store and include a bottle of wine or any bottle of his favorite drink.

#12 “Reasons Why I Love You” cards

Fill his heart with a series of loving statements in an elegant box and let him ‘sing them forevermore.” Get him to open it and read them right there right now. Nothing warms up the intimate mood of Valentine more than such a moment of loving statements read out loud.

#13 Wish him wealth with a new wallet

It’s probably the best wish one can receive in Lebanon these days. And men do love wallets, although they tend to disregard changing it in years. So here is your opportunity to intervene and shove away that blocked energy around his old wallet and give him a new lovely one with your best wishes for new wealth to fill it up.

#14 Personalized keychains

Keychains are excellent gifts for their usefulness and also for reminding him of you all the time. You may opt to order one customized with his name or both his and yours, or with a brief word of love. The latter can be found available in the market if you have no time to order a customized one.

#15 Sweet goodies to sweeten his day

You know your man, and if he just might be a sweet-lover, go for a sensually tempting box of a variety of pastries.

#16 A Gift Card from his favorite store

Consider a gift card as a great option to get him to decide on his own gift. Gift cards have been a very practical trend around the world. It gives the recipients the gift to buy what they really want or need.

And if what your S/O really wants is beyond his budget and yours, your gift card will be a much-appreciated contribution to his aim.

Depending on your budget, think of what he loves to do the most or wishes to buy the most; from a spa massage and a workshop to books and sports activities.

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