10 Restaurants In Lebanon With Valentine’s Day Take-Out Deals For A Perfect Night

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Last year, Valentine in Lebanon was the last big night out before the nationwide shutdown. Back then, restaurants were bustling with couples everywhere, as it was as easy as one search to find a restaurant in your desired area to celebrate your special night.

Now, with Lebanon’s most strict lockdown extended, trying to savor Valentine’s day will be a challenge for most.

But, let that not stop you from celebrating Valentine’s Day! Here’s a list of restaurants in Lebanon that are offering the perfect take-out deals that will make the best of an at-home date night.

#1 ByJackieChebly

Jackie, a hospitality management graduate from USJ and a specialized home-baker, is now offering a unique Valentine’s box full of heavenly delicacies.

The Valentine’s day box consists of a mini customizable cake for two, toffee apples, fancy strawberries dipped in chocolate, and a mini wine bottle!

She’s even taken orders through her Instagram.

#2 Crafting Delicacies

For all the vegans out there, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect restaurant that caters to your lifestyle as Crafting Delices. This online-based artisanal bakery is offering to turn your average croissants into a unique Valentine’s day surprise that will surely amaze your partner.

Customize your croissants into a heart shape large bun, that’s 100 percent vegan and nutritious!

#3 Crepaway

Planning on having a laid-back night with your loved one? Crepaway with its 14 branches across the country is offering a “Two Yummy” deal: A classic burger, four tasty tenders with honey mustard, cereal d-light sandwich, and a basket of fries for only 55,000 L.L.

#4 Ebene

If you’re struggling to find the perfect cookies and chocolates that will satisfy your partner’s sweet tooth, Ebene, the Bekaa-based dessert parlor has got you covered.

The dessert parlor is even offering the chance to customize your own dessert box from a range of handmade Lebanese delicacies.

#5 Zaatar W Zeit

Chicken lovers, get ready to indulge in a heavenly offer made by the one and only Lebanese restaurant Zaatar W Zeit!

The chicken craze consists of a chicken kebab sandwich, a chicken escalope sandwich, and eight cheeseballs with a thousand island dip, all for only 45,000 L.L.

#6 Domino’s Pizza

How about a Netflix and chill Valentine’s day accompanied with three medium or two large pizzas with two side orders for only 58,000 L.L.?

Domino’s pizza is one call away into completing your special date.

#7 Cookielicious Hamra

Cookielicious is a Hamra-based dessert parlor that offers melted chocolate stuffed in sweet freshly baked cookies. It is now offering a Valentine’s Day mini lava box!

Choose from 3 available designs that speak to your cravings, and surprise your loved one with the most delicious box he or she will devour on Valentine’s day.

#8 Deek and Duke

You can never go wrong with a good burger. Deek & Duke is now offering “The Handful” deal, consisting of a chicken press burger, a classic chicken burger, a basket of fries, and two soft drinks of your choice for only 45,0000 L.L.

#9 Cannelle Chocolatier

Mariam Ezzeddine, an interior architect with a passion for sweets, has something especially cool for Valentine’s Day for only 35,000 L.L., a sweet-Valentine box of mouth-watering…sweets!

You may contact her though 70749304 to place your order.

#10 Tiger’s Diner

The Lebanese-American diner owned by the country’s most popular basketball player Fadi Al-Khatib is offering an appetizer combo of a variety of tempting food bites that can make your Valentine’s night special.

Consisting of meat sambusek, kibbeh popcorn, sujuk rolls, tiger’s special fries, and cheese rolls, served with hummus, hot sauce, and Labne. Hard to say no to this when it’s all for just 34,500 L.L.

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