11 Tasty Restaurants You Need To Try If You Recently Went Vegan In Lebanon

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Due to nutritional and activism reasons, many around the world have decided to go vegan and Lebanon has not been exempt from this healthier trend with vegan becoming the “new black” and the demands for vegan and healthy food on the rise.

Whether you recently went vegan or not, these dishes are too delightful to the eyes that you will be instantly tempted.

#1 The Glow Paradise

As the name suggests, this vegan place serves healthy, natural, and delicious food to make your skin glow. Mostly famous for its flavorful bowls and refreshing drinks, The Glow Paradise has a cute restaurant located in Naqqache and a station in Mar Mikhael for delivery only.

#2 Harvest

If you’re a devoted nature lover but don’t want to get your proteins from traditional meat sources then Harvest got you covered. Mostly known for its healthy sandwiches and burgers, this vegan place has two delivery stations: one in Naqqache and the other in Mar Mikhael.

#3 Orenda

Located in the heart of Beirut, this Mar Mikhael-based restaurant serves well-praised food and has a lovely ambiance. From pasta to burgers, Orenda has delicious vegan meals to satisfy your cravings.

#4 Meet The Veganz

An ideal vegan street food place to share a quick bite with friends. Meet The Veganz has a delivery outlet in Jal-El-Dib but the restaurant is based in Mar Mikhael in Beirut and serves appetizing vegan sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and even burgers.

#5 Luna’s Kitchen Beirut

This vibrant place is based in Hamra and is known for serving vegan dishes such as soy-based nuggets and chicken shawarma as well as gluten-free salads, beet-root patty burgers, and also serving cashew-based mozzarella as a substitute for cheese in numerous platters.

#6 The Barn

Known for their vegan and dairy-free chia puddings, The Barn is a friendly place located in Gemmayzeh in Beirut. The healthy place also offers delicious oatmeals and egg-based platters for your non-vegan friends to come along.

#7 Coara

Yearning for a healthy meal and a nice view? Well, Coara is the place to be. Located in Kfar Qatra in the Chouf District, this hidden gem serves delicious healthy and vegan food for you to enjoy with a view.

#8 Health By Nature

This chill place is located in Jbeil (Byblos) and serves mouth-watering and healthy food. It is a great place for vegans who’d like organic and gluten-free food and drinks.

#9 Sendyani Vegan Cafe

Known for its fresh and customizable food, this pleasant and cozy cafe in Jounieh serves tasty healthy bites to share with a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

They’re quite original for naming their wraps as “Just Like X”, X being Taouk, fajita, or the like.

#10 Green Junkie

Wholesome meals are Green Junkie’s specialty. Found in Mar Mikhael in Beirut, the place has some great vegan options such as their acai bowl, pesto hummus dip, and green smoothie bowl to name a few.

#11 Salata

Salata has an attractive outlet in downtown Beirut for you and your friends to enjoy a fresh salad. Well-known for its generous portions, Salata has numerous gluten-free and vegan bowls for you to choose from as well as special, healthy and vegan salad platters.

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