A Clash Of Vengeance Leaves 2 Dead And Several Injured In Tripoli


The sound of intense gunfire rang through the night in Tripoli on Saturday as two people were killed in an alleged act of vengeance.

Riding two motorcycles, unidentified people opened fire in the El-Qoubbeh area, targeting Amer Moraib (nicknamed Abu Othman) and also killing Abu Talal Imran in the drive-by shooting.

Their bodies were taken to the Tripoli Governmental Hospital where it was confirmed that the cause of their death was due to bullet wounds.

In response to the attack, several other unknown people opened fire at a group of shops in the Dabbagha Bridge area.

A local ex-military source explained to The961 that the attack was in retaliation for the killing of a member of the Hassoun family a year or two ago.

Dr. Hassan Moraib, who is an influential Muslim cleric and Abu Othman’s cousin, wrote on social media, “May God have mercy on cousin Amer Mereb (Abu Othman) and the young man Abu Talal Imran, who was assassinated with him.”

He urged restraint and warned people not to be “drawn into sedition because it is the desired goal of the assassination.”

He called on security services to arrest the shooters and bring them to justice as soon as possible “to preserve what remains of the state’s prestige and not slide into chaos.”

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