Another Beirut Blast Victim Just Died From His Injuries After Suffering For Over 13 Months

New York Post | @SawssanAbouZahr

Over 13 months after the horrific Beirut Blast, victims are still falling while officials fight against the investigation in any way they can.

Critically wounded by the massive explosion while at work in his downtown office, 35-year-old Ibrahim Harb just passed away on Monday night. His brother Mazen shared the devastating news with The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Ibrahim was in his office, near the Beirut Port, where he worked as an accountant, when the blast hit him, ravaging the office along with half the capital, and severely injuring him.

His head injuries brought him into a comatose state for over three months but he never fully recovered afterward. He was admitted to a rehabilitation center and remained bed-ridden and semi-conscious.

Three days ago, his family brought him back home where he died on Monday evening, according to his brother.

Ibrahim was engaged and set to be married. His wedding was planned for September 2020, a month after the explosion that took his life, along with his plans to build a family and his dreams of a happy future.

The tragic news comes at a time when the Lebanese people are preparing to hit the streets on Wednesday in solidarity with the lead investigator on the case, Judge Tarek Bitar, and in protest against politicians obstructing the investigation.

Just yesterday, on Monday, the investigation came to a halt by the deed of a suspect, Former minister Nouhad Machnouk, who refused to be questioned and filed a lawsuit against Judge Bitar, accusing him of “impartiality.”

Pressures on Judge Bitar have been intensifying to stop him to find the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice.

That includes death threats by Hezbollah members and smear campaigns, in addition to recent efforts by parliamentarians to obstruct the investigation.

Meanwhile, calls have been many for an international independent investigation that can put an end to the political interferences and give justice to the victims, their families, and the Lebanese nation.

Over 234 innocent people were killed by the Beirut Blast, and over 6000 were injured, some still in critical conditions like in the case of Ibrahim Harb, and some have been maimed for life.

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