Young Victim of Medical Malpractice in Lebanon Finally Gets Justice

Ella Tannous, a Lebanese angel who had both her arms and legs amputated due to a medical mistake, finally got justice.

5 years of ongoing investigations and legal procedures in the child’s case have now resulted in some fairness towards Ella.

Getting justice brought joy into little Ella’s heart, and she didn’t hesitate to show it.

In a video posted online by her parents, this beautiful and innocent soul thanked judge Rola Sfeir for bringing her and her parents their legal rights.

Rola Sfeir is the criminal judge who issued the ruling on Thursday 27 February. She condemned the American University hospital, the Maronite Monastic Order owner of Notre Dame de Secours (Al-Maounat) Hospital, and both doctors Issam Maalouf and Rana Sharara for causing the little girl harm, in a mistake that led to the amputation of her limbs. 

The compensation exceeds one billion and 8 million LBP, though it is certain that no amount of money would amend Ella Tannous what she permanently lost, or her parents for their agony.

The prosecution was divided as follows: the Maronite Order and doctor Maalouf as responsible for 30% of the damage, and the other defendant as responsible for 70% of the medical errors.

Both doctors Sharara and Maalouf were sentenced to two months in prison, with the possibility of the former being released for a 2 million LBP bill.

The Maronite Monastic Order was fined for an amount of 2 million LBP, being the owner of Our Lady of Aid hospital.

The American University AUBMC was fined for an amount of 3 million LBP, being the owner of the AUBMC. All parties will pay their share of the compensation 30% and 70% as mentioned above, and the division will be as follows:

The amount of one billion and 8 million LBP will be paid as damage allowance to the prosecutor Ella Tannous; 300 million of which will be paid immediately.

An additional 300 million LBP will be paid as damage allowance for each of the child’s parents: her father Hassan Tannous and her mother Elian Greig.

30 million 406 thousand LBP, and an amount of 44 thousand 356 euros, are medical expenses that will be returned to the parents.

Ella’s parents worked hard to get their daughter the justice she deserves. They spent 5 years attending court sessions, and now, finally, this family can have a breath of relief. They led an unresting battle against authority and influence, and they won. 

The father Hassan Tannous posted the good news on his daughter’s Facebook page, saying:

“The truth triumphed. The time when medical mistakes get buried and when the humiliating material settlements are imposed without reckoning is over. We refused to compromise and decided to confront, relying on God and in His name we won.”

We salute this little angel for her bravery and her parents for their determination and strength in seeking justice and stand for their daughter’s rights and theirs whatever long it took.

It is a relief the case of Ella wasn’t overlooked and justice was finally served. It has been a high profile case in Lebanon, and not the only one involving a kid.

Another high profile case of medical malpractice that left a little angel named Sophie Mechleb with brain damage five years ago. Her parents are still fighting for justice.

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