Breaking: Video Shows Fourth Death During Beirut Clashes Was Allegedly By Lebanese Soldier

CCTV footage circulating on social media shows that a Lebanese Army soldier allegedly shot a protester at close range during the clashes in Tayyouneh on Thursday.

Although the location and time are unclear, and the video has no sound, it shows a scuffle between Amal-Hezbollah protesters and the Lebanese Army on the street.

One protester, wearing a black top, seems to be edging forwards, trying to instigate a fight or yell at the officers. Those around him try to calm him down, and that’s when the soldier shoots him the first time.

The crowd disperses and the soldier shoots him again, while his fellow soldiers leave the scene, with him following soon after.

Another video, apparently taken from the other side after the protester fell to the street, shows men attending to him while someone screams “that was a soldier.”

The Lebanese Army issued a statement, saying the soldier seen opening fire is being investigated, confirming the authenticity of the video.

Statement from the Lebanese Army on Oct. 16, 2021

According to reports obtained by 961News, he was the fourth person to die that day, after the clashes had been ongoing for hours. The first three deaths were due to the snipers.

The man is reportedly Mohammad Jamal Tamer, a 17-year-old Hezbollah supporter.

Thursday’s gunfire began at a protest organized by Amal and Hezbollah, where they demanded the dismissal of Beirut Blast Investigative Judge Tarek Bitar. The clashes resulted in 8 deaths and 60 injuries.

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