The Video About Lebanon That’s Making Everyone Emotional

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While it might seem like a normal post, this video of Lebanon is going viral on Instagram and making everyone very emotional.

The video takes you on a breathtaking journey through Lebanon accompanied by Fairouz’s ‘Baadak Ala Bali’ (You’re still on my mind) covered by the Lebanese singer Talia Lahoud.

Perhaps it’s the timing of this video that is creating such an emotional response. Today, Lebanon is in the midst of painful struggles; the pandemic alone has been and still is a lot for the world to bear.

But this video sends you back to better days of touring the country from the north to the south. It is a reminder of the beauty of Lebanon and everything it has to offer.

While many Lebanese are left with no choice but to leave the country in hopes of a better life, this video generates a sense of longing and a love for Lebanon you don’t want to let go of.

‘Baadak Ala Bali’, Lebanon, you’re still on my mind.

The video was put together by the 17-year-old manager of the Instagram account Meet.Lebanon that posts stunning pictures of the country captured by talented locals.

Watch the video below:

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