Heartbreaking Video Shows Batman Helping Refugee Boy Keep His Childhood

War Child in Lebanon released a video showing Batman playing with a child in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon. The message of the video is “For millions of children affected by war, fantasy is often the only way to escape reality…” The video acts as a reminder that these children have lost their childhood because of the war. While politicians around the world are playing games in the Syrian war, the focus has shifted away from the most vulnerable – the children. The future generation is growing up away from home, in refugee camps in foreign countries, exposed to physical and emotional danger. Most importantly, they have lost their childhood – something every child is entitled to. This video shows that the only thing keeping them going is their ability to fantasize their childhood. War Child works to help children and young people who are affected by armed conflict. In Lebanon, War Child has worked to ensure children and young people have access to quality education and are protected against violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. “Our vision is that children do not belong in war ever. They have the right to grow up free from fear and violence, and to develop their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future for themselves and others.” Thank you War Child for this amazing campaign to remind us of what is quite often forgotten! You can follow and support their work

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