You Should Watch This Video About Beirut’s Nightlife By Red Bull!

Red Bull produced this short video called “Underground Beirut” to highlight Beirut’s Nightlife.

They visited Beirut’s most popular clubs as well showing us the history of how it all started.

They visited BO18, Uberhaus, The Grand Factory and Hyte Beirut. They spoke with the following:

  • Naji Gebran, Founder of BO18
  • Ali Saleh and Nemer Saliba, Founders of Uberhaus
  • Jade, DJ and Founder The Grand Factory and Basement
  • Tala, DJ
  • Mad Jam , DJ, Promoter and Co-Founder at OFF&ON
  • Etyen, Music Producer

We got to hear the stories of how those clubs turned from a simple idea into the hottest spots in Lebanon. They discussed how artists are surprised that Beirut, a city in this region, could be such a hot spot to party.

They mentioned that the artists were never disappointed when visiting the city to perform.

The highlight of the video would be when the founder of OFF&ON said how the children of rival political party leaders sit and party together at the same table at the clubs. Watch it:

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