Beirut Now Has A Police Bicycle Patrol Unit

Video Beirut Now Has Daily Police Bicycle Patrols

Beirut‘s police unit has launched police bicycle patrols, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced on Friday.

According to a statement issued by the ISF, Brigadier General Al-Ayoubi, Commander of the Beirut Police Unit launched the bicycle patrols in Beirut within the First Company on May 27th, in the presence of the Company Commander and faction commanders.

The move comes “in the framework of implementing the five-year strategic plan (2018-2022), and in cooperation with the British support project,” the statement said.

Accordingly, police bicycles will be present on a daily basis in various areas in Beirut, including Hamra, Ras Beirut, Mina El-Hosn, Rawche, Kraytem, and the Camille Chamoun Stadium.

Among the goal of these patrols, according to the ISF, are the following:

  • Enhancing communication with the community, and permeating reassurance among citizens
  • More clearly showcasing the community service performed by the ISF
  • Facilitating access to places that regular patrols cannot reach
  • Monitoring illegal acts in a better way
  • Pursuing and arresting suspects

The ISF also posted a video on its social media accounts, showing the bike patrols in action on the streets of Beirut.

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