Watch How This Building Crumbles and Falls Apart in Lebanon

It is quite scary how the building just falls apart like that. You can actually hear the building’s structure start to crack and break. At first, the guy filming the video shows us a window on the lower floor. It’s bending out as the weight of the building is falling on it. We start to (loudly) hear the cracking of the structure and small pieces falling off it here and there. Then literally, in a matter of seconds, it starts collapsing and topples over onto one side. The entire building turned to rubble and cloud of dust over the span of 3-4 seconds. That is truly scary. We can hear people screaming for a good 5 seconds. Imagine if people were inside that? They wouldn’t have time to get out and would be trapped under the rubble. This is all because of bad government regulations as well as no accountability for illegal construction of buildings.

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