Here’s The Story Behind The Triggering Video Of A Dog Being Dragged By A Car In Lebanon


Warning: The following article may be triggering to some as it involves inhumane treatment of animals.

A video circulating on social media has sparked rage among people in Lebanon. Taken in Kfar Hazir in the Koura District in North Lebanon, the video shows someone driving a truck with a chained dog being dragged on the street.

The truck had no license plate, which prompted people to share the video in hopes anyone would recognize the vehicle.

At first glance, it appears to be deliberate animal abuse, but after a little investigation by animal rights activist Mariane Bacha Mouawad, it turns out that’s far from the truth.

Mariane spoke to the mayor of Kfar Hazir to find the driver and was able to locate him and his son, and even personally paid them a visit to check on the dog. It turns out that what happened was a complete accident.

Apparently, the 70-year-old father simply wanted to take the dog out for a ride (a kazdoura) for a change of pace. He put the dog in the back of the truck but didn’t notice when he fell out.

“From the time of the incident, the father hasn’t been able to even come close to their dog, he wasn’t even able to sleep,” Mariane wrote on Facebook, explaining how upset the family was that this happened to their pet, Rex.

“I’m not giving excuses, I don’t even know these people. But I know they aren’t faking being upset,” she said, adding that Rex, although in shock, is doing well. Rex was taken to the vet, who said there were no broken bones nor serious injuries.

“We should focus on spreading awareness, not on attacking people,” she said, responding to people trying to villainize the owner. Granted, as people have noted, there are better ways to transport animals to ensure their safety.

Moreover, Mariane noted that Rex’s family was very upset by the person who was taking the video and wished he or she had instead honked their car horn to alert the father so that Rex’s suffering would have been reduced.

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