Video Of A Woman Being Repeatedly Beaten By Her Husband In Lebanon Provokes An Uproar


Activists on social media circulated a video showing a woman forced into a humiliating position and being repeatedly beaten and insulted by her husband. The outrageous scene sparked widespread resentment in Lebanon with demands that he be held accountable.

Activists said that the Lebanese woman is called Ghinwa Rameh Allawi, and the husband assaulting her is an assistant at the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon.

The video shows the wife on her knees facing a wall and with her hands raised while being subjected to violence.

Others posted pictures of the victim showing her severe bruises, which they said belonged to the victim.

According to her father and acquaintances, this wasn’t the first time Ghinwa is subjected to violence at the hand of her husband who has been also threatening her.

Some attributed statements to her father, in which he said that she had tried to commit suicide before and miraculously survived.

People are demanding that the husband get arrested and trialed.

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