Video: They Call Him the Garbage King of Beirut — and He Loves It

Just a year ago, we faced a garbage crisis like no other. Our streets were filled with garbage and the country literally stank. Most Lebanese thought there was no real solution to this problem. However, the Garbage King of Beirut, Ziad Abi Chaker, offers a real solution. Abi Chaker’s biggest problem isn’t the corruption, it’s the lack of belief people have about his solution. He actually sees the garbage crisis as a good crisis and an opportunity. Abi Chaker is an engineer and the founder of Cedar Environmental that provides a solution to waste management. His company turns garbage into things like bags or chairs, for example. Abi Chaker operates 12 plants that turn garbage into useful products. Municipalities can drop off their garbage and they’ll turn it into products.   Addi Fadel said:

I lived him with Ziad for 5 years at Rutgers. His dedication to the environment, his passion for justice have been his traits all along. He never derailed, always on the path to save the earth.