Video going viral of blind girl wishing Maronite Patriarch Merry Christmas

In a wonderful gesture of humanity, Fatima stood before the Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros El Rahi. He held her hands while she introduced herself and wished him a Merry Christmas.


Fatima Burji, a blind child from the Al Hadi Institute for deaf, blind and learning disabilities, was part of a delegation of the institute’s administration, students and graduates. It was a congratulatory visit to the Maronite Patriarch in Bkerkeh.

Via Zena Karam

The little girl said an adorable heartfelt speech that she ended with “I hope that love will fill all our hearts”. She congratulated the Patriarch on the nativity of Jesus Christ and wished him and Lebanon happy holidays. 


The clip immediately went viral because of Fatima’s sincere words.

Via Zena Karam

The Patriarch’s reaction was also remarkably honest and loving as he listened carefully to what Fatima had to say. He gave her a hug as an expression of his love and respect for the little child and especially for her amazing words.


Coexistence is our country’s biggest virtue and characteristic. Through that small and simple gesture, a little blind girl taught us the meaning of Christmas and the importance of love and respect between Lebanese people – despite their religion

Lebanon needs the unity of its diversity more than ever. Christmas and the holiday season is another occasion to remember that differences are not obstacles, they are our country’s rich heritage that we should preserve.


It is a really touching clip that teaches us that no matter how small you are or different you are, you can always have something valuable to share with people if they gave you the respect you deserve.

Be sure to turn the sound on and listen carefully to Fatima’s words!

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