This Video Shows The World How Badly People Drive In Beirut


This video was uploaded to Youtube by a Nash Suleiman to highlight what it’s like to drive in Beirut, Lebanon.

He used his GoPro to compile footage from 2 days of filming how Lebanese people drive. Nash said: “near-death incidents is a daily routine when driving around, and funny enough, we believe traffic jams and accidents are due to other people’s driving or mostly the government, but never our fault.”


The sort of sad/comedic video lets us see, from another perspective, how bad drivers are in Lebanon. In just this short video, we see drivers:

  • Double parking
  • Dropping people off on the highway
  • No respect for lanes
  • Not using blinkers
  • Cutting people off on the right side
  • Cars zipping through traffic
  • Workers working on the side of the highway with no safety
  • Driving recklessly with a “baby-on-board”
  • 5 lanes of cars merging into a 2 lane road
  • Driving in the wrong direction on the highway
  • Parked on the side of the highway to enjoy the view?
  • Driving through the red light

Ironically, we even see Nash recklessly driving a couple times. This is to show, whether intentionally or not, we all can improve how we drive.

I’m sure while watching this, you were like “oh I do that sometimes.”

That’s the point.


This video was uploaded around the one and two year anniversary since the introduction and implementation of stricter traffic laws.

The Lebanese Internal Security Force announced last week that due to the new laws, there is a 2,164 count decrease in accidents, 289 fewer deaths, and 2,717 fewer injuries compared to the 2 years ago.

Nash ends the video perfectly by saying “one tiny change in our driving habits could save a life.. or a family this year.”


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