Video: Lebanese Commandos Simulate Night Raid On Terrorist Group

(Video) Lebanese Commando Units Simulate Night Raid On Terrorist Group

The Lebanese Army has released a video documenting a military exercise conducted by its special forces, simulating a nighttime raid on a terrorist group.

Units of the Lebanese Commando (Maghaweer) Regiment performed a night attack exercise in the village of Hammana, in conjunction with Air Force and Medical Corps. units, simulating the elimination of a terrorist group holed up in an urban location.

The exercise is part of Resolute Union 2021, the military training that is taking place in Lebanon in coordination with Jordanian and U.S. forces, according to a statement released by the Lebanese Army on Tuesday.

In the 1-minute video shared online by the Army, members of the Commando Regiment are seen moving toward and engaging a group of individuals situated in several structures at night, utilizing urban warfare tactics.

During the exercise, the soldiers simulate killing some terrorists and arresting others, clearing rooms, and transporting injured teammates to a nearby vehicle for treatment.

Last week, the Lebanese Army announced that Jordanian military units, in addition to 2 Black Hawk helicopters, arrived in Lebanon to participate in the Resolute Union 2021 training.

It is to note that, in an effort to counteract the detrimental effects of Lebanon’s crisis on the Army, the United States recently increased its annual support to Lebanon’s military by $15 million,