This Video Sums Up The Lives of AUB Med Students During Finals!

What is it like to be an AUB med student during finals? The video below sums it up!

It’s the time of the year where you simply have no idea what is going on anymore. Yes, I am talking about finals. You can neither sleep nor eat properly. And on top of that, you have deadlines following you everywhere you go. While the majority of students are complaining about finals, others got creative and took this as an opportunity to create something fun. A group of med students at the American University of Beirut filmed a funny video that shows in a funny way what they go through during finals. The beginning of the video is similar to the McCallisters’ iconic morning preparation in “Home Alone”, which is CHAOTIC. Pretty much like our morning routines when we have finals or midterms. When you finish the video, you remember that you also have finals, but instead, you’re on social media so you panic. Yes, being a university student is being stuck in an infernal circle of fear, but hey, we all need a break sometimes. Just chill and watch this funny video that sums up all of our feelings! And good luck!

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