Video Message: “How Incredible It Is To Be Lebanese These Days!”

Yes, people have been wondering about that and many have been feeling it deep into their core, but internationally famous artist Nemr took it online to express it fully, and explain it and this Revolution that has proven how incredible it is to be Lebanese these days. 


Nemr is a famous Lebanese-American comedian, who has appeared not only on international stages but also in movies and shows, with a popular smash hit Catch Nemr, a one-hour comedy special, and No Bombing in Beirut (2016), on Showtime across America, and CraveTV and The Movie Network across Canada. 

Before we share with you the powerful broadcast he has just addressed to the world and the Lebanese about the Revolution,  allow us to introduce him quickly to those among you who have, somehow, missed to know about him.

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A Lebanese who grew up in San Diego then moved with his family to Lebanon, Nemr is credited with pioneering stand-up comedy in the Middle East where he performs in English.  According to his official FB page, “He went on to break down barriers and unite people in a region where bombing on stage can have a completely different meaning.” 

As per AXS, an online platform for events around the world, Nemr is “A Comedy Superhero… If there’s one comedy show you attend this year, this just might be the one.”  His shows sell out in major US cities as well as London and the Middle East.

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His brand new comedy special No Bombing in Beirut, which was filmed in both Lebanon and L.A., premiered on October 7 on Showtime, CraveTV, and the Movie Network. It’s currently available on-demand on those networks for those wishing to enjoy it.

Nemr was also featured on the May cover of Rolling Stone magazine (Middle East) in 2014, appeared on CNN,  was more recently hosted on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, and has earned numerous television credits from major networks in the Middle East.

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Even more recently, he released two feature cinematic specials, and a brand new show: Love Isn’t the Answer. 

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And this is what Nemr felt passionately compelled to convey to his fans around the world, to the Lebanese on the streets of Lebanon these days, and to the Lebanese diaspora around the world:


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