Video of Child Driving a Ferrari in Lebanon Is Going Viral

Normal day? We don’t even know the meaning of that! You never know what to expect when a new day starts in Lebanon. Surprise after surprise, and it constantly keeps us thinking. That’s the exciting beauty of being in Lebanon because it’s always a nonstop series of rollercoaster surprises.


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On today’s topic, a kid was spotted driving around in a Ferrari which seems to be on the road towards the South of Lebanon. Unfortunately, this type of behavior isn’t really out of the ordinary, considering there have been many cases of underage driving across the country.

However, this seems to be the first time, a kid is spotted in a Ferrari!


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In all seriousness, the cost alone for the repairment of any damages to the car is out of the line of affordable. Not only is the child’s life at risk, considering the acceleration of the Ferrari at standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 2.4 seconds.

That kind of speed isn’t in fact too much for a child to be even remotely close responsible for.


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While this is primarily the responsibility of the parents and the safety of the kid must be their utmost concern, this ill-advised initiative by a minor shouldn’t be encouraged by the surrounding nor glorified on social media.

The video that went viral stirred up a great deal of laughter, as not too few viewers cheered at this young boy driving so effortlessly this fast care in the fast lane! Many of us, though, held their breath in fear for the boy, not knowing what to expect. 


The Lebanese people should be more conscious of these potential accidents, which its youth are strongly involved in. It takes a second of a bad maneuver from the driver or another driver around to turn the cheering excitement into a fatal disaster.

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