Video of Lebanese Guy Giving $5,000 in Tips is Going Viral Around the World

Last month, we posted an article about an extreme act of kindness by a Lebanese guy who gave out $5,000 in tips to various drive-thru workers across Toronto. Since then, the video has gone viral, with an average of 2.3 million views on Facebook alone!


Many of us use drive-thrus as a convenient method to quickly get in a day’s meal or satisfy a craving for one of our favorite burgers or sweets, all served with a smile and a “thank you.” But the employees behind the window often work long hours on their feet, and many of these fast food restaurants are open quite late. Yet, not many people think to tip these employees for their hard work. 

And this fact is evident through the often hilarious reactions of the drive-thru workers depicted in the viral video upon receiving generous tips of $100 or more. 

“Oh my goddddddd!” one worker says.


“You’re lying!” says another employee.

“Are you sure, sir?” asks another drive-thru worker. 

The do-gooder, who is actually The961’s very own founder Anthony Kantara, decided to give away a generous sum of $5,000 he received from his client NordVPN as a means of giving back to his community.


Anthony used to work long hours for less than minimum wage in Canada and used to watch videos of others giving back. As he was working hard to achieve success, he aspired to one day do the same when he had the means to do so. 

“I always said that, when I can afford it, I will do the same,” Anthony said. “Now, I had the opportunity to do this when a client of mine approached me with the money and told me I can do whatever I want. I decided to give it all away.”

Anthony’s client NordVPN is one of the leading VPN services available and offers some pretty cool features and benefits. We all know that we don’t have the fastest internet here in Lebanon, so it’s also good to know that NordVPN doesn’t slow down the buffer time while turned on. 


You can also connect up to six different devices on one subscription, and it allows you to browse streaming services in other countries. You can watch titles on the UK Netflix from Lebanon or access HBO Now, for example. 

In fact, you can even get 75% off your subscription today here thanks to Anthony and NordVPN. 

Moreover, this isn’t Anthony’s only random act of kindness in the works. He’s planning on doing a series of similar heartwarming endeavors in various locations across the globe, so don’t miss out on more of them and subscribe to his YouTube channel


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