Video of the Lebanese Newlyweds Whose Love Defied the Odds Goes Viral

The video of a Lebanese bride and her wheelchair-enabled groom dancing with joy, love, and passion has gone viral in the past few days on social media platforms, where people have been sharing the video, amazed by the love of this couple.


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The story of this couple started when Alya Al Chamaa fell in love with her wheel-chaired friend Jamal Bashasha 10 years ago after meeting him during a trip on the Eid holidays. His “kind heart” and “intelligence” attracted her, as she says, “We chatted and became friends. We fell in love and that was how it started.”

However, the path to their union wasn’t easy.  Her parents were against it, and it was really hard to convince them to give their blessings. Alya said, “The biggest obstacle we faced was my parents who rejected the match… and they kept on rejecting for years until they finally gave their approval.”


After getting her parent’s approval, the couple got engaged in May 2015. Earlier this month, they held a fairytale wedding ceremony where a union of real love revealed its true meaning. The video captured the first dance of the newlyweds as the 32-year-old groom Jamal held his bride Alya while she swirled around him with utter joy.

If we have ceased to believe romantic novels describing love as a brilliant sun blasting lights in all directions, we now know that it could be possible, just by what this video has captured. No wonder it hit social media and went viral.

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It is the bride who actually posted the video online, so happy she was. Her caption read, “I’m not sharing this to become famous but because it is every bride’s dream to dance on her own wedding day. I am sharing this dance to prove and show others that despite Jamal’s disability, he did not deprive me of this joy.”

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The video touched thousands of people. They reacted to this love story by resharing the video, expressing their love and amazement along with tons of congratulatory and celebratory words and messages.


After their video went viral on social media, the bride Alya posted the following comment, “I thank everybody who shared with me this moment that I had been waiting for 10 years with my life partner Jamal. I love all those who supported me, especially my parents, who had refused in the beginning until they got introduced to Jamal and realized that he’s an awesome guy and will make my life happy.”

The Lebanese music diva Elissa was one among the many who got deeply affected. She shared the video on her Twitter, saying she was “touched by their wedding dance that clearly shows how much love unites them. God bless them with their love that overcame all difficulties, to become a true lesson in love.”


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