Watch These YouTubers Hilariously Try Lebanese Food For The First Time

While we are lucky enough to eat Lebanese food almost every day, some people are not familiar with it! Two American YouTubers, also known as Fung Bros, got introduced to the Lebanese cuisine by their Lebanese friend, Ashley. They had lunch in a Lebanese restaurant in California called

Wahib’s Middle East Restaurant

. Their lunch was composed of three rounds. First, they had mezza, then the main course, and finally some desert. Although Lebanese food is one of the best and

healthiest in the world

, not all people are familiar with it, or they never got the opportunity to taste the authentic cuisine. Thanks to these YouTubers, people can now know more about our cuisine. Ashley did a great job in introducing the ingredients of the meals! She even taught her friends how to pronounce the name of each dish! The Fung Bros felt like they went on a field trip to a whole new part of the world.

Wahib’s Middle East Restaurant

is not the only place in America that provides authentic Lebanese cuisine to Lebanese expats living in the U.S. Recently,

a Lebanese grocery store in Brooklyn was ranked the best in the United States



is one of the recipients the 2017 James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award. It has proved excellence in cuisine. This store doesn’t merely sell spices like typical ethnic grocery stores:


has everything you need! Here are things you can find there: bulk food, cheese, olive oil, package specialty food, ethnic items, coffee, sweets, and prepared foods. You can say that


 is a smaller version of Lebanon in Brooklyn. The

Lebanese Diaspora

is always shining abroad!

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