Video: Zahle Just Released Light Lanterns of Wishes to the Sky

The anti-government protests have been ongoing for 12 consecutive days in both the capital of Beirut and other Lebanese cities, villages, and towns, such as Tripoli, Saida, Nabatiyeh, Tyre, Zahle and many more.



In the city of Zahle, which is known as the Bride of Bekaa, thousands have been protesting and calling on the residents to participate in their civilized revolution implemented by the city, and join in the ongoing anti-government protests happening across Lebanon.

A while ago, the demonstrators of Zahle took the initiative and released to their night sky a number of light lanterns they called them “Lantern of Wishes.” This came within the framework of their civilized revolution that has been happening for days now.


Women, men, and children took part in this initiative while chanting the slogans of the peaceful protest, giving us and the world a beautiful example of how civilized and peaceful their revolution is.

It’s worth mentioning that the people of Zahle have been protesting against the deteriorating financial and economic situation as well the measures taken by Prime Minister Saad Hariri after the cabinet session held at Baabda last week, announcing an approved reform paper along with government partners.


Many peaceful and unique initiatives have been taken by protesters across Lebanon, a few days ago, the protesters in Saida sent as well tens of lanterns to the sky of their city. That city in the south of Lebanon has been standing as a great example of how peaceful, civilized and beautiful our anti-government protests are.

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