7 Heartwarming Videos Of Lebanese Families Being Reunited

@chloehallak | @joyybassil

This year has been heavy on the hearts of people around the world. There’s nothing like wrapping it up with the ones you love to end the year on a good note and go into the new year with a speck of hope.

In Lebanon, hope is a commodity in short supply. This December, thousands of Lebanese are taking the risk and traveling back home to provide their loved ones with hope, warmth, and love.

Some families even recorded the heart-warming reunion.

Warning: Some are very emotional…

#1 A loving father’s return

#2 Mother and daughter reunion

#3 Student surprises his parents

#4 An emotional reunion

#5 Precious airport greetings

#6 A daughter surprises her Lebanese parents in Saudi Arabia

#7 Completing the family photo

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