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Hilarious video about a Japanese guy meeting a Lebanese family for the first time!

Culture shock at its finest!

Lebanese families are out of this world. Meeting your relatives is fun and overwhelming at the same time. In this video, a French-Japanese guy meets his Lebanese friend's family for the first time.

This is the 8th episode of Franjalican which is a web series on YouTube about a Canadian-Lebanese guy (Mark Hachem) and a French-Japanese guy (Nicolas) who share hilarious cultural experiences together.

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Of course, Mark and Nicolas arrived late to the gathering because that's how Lebanese people roll, unlike Japanese people who are always on time.

Is it even a Lebanese family gathering if there's no shisha? We all have a relative that smokes shisha 24/7. It's an unhealthy trend we need to get rid of.

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Next, Nicolas met the typical Lebanese aunt who asks 15 questions in 10 seconds. These questions are usually about your job, college, love life, and everything that is embarrassing to talk about in front of your whole family. Privacy doesn't exist in Lebanon.

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Oh yeah, how can we forget about judgmental relatives? I think that's something everyone in the world suffers from not just Lebanese people.

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This is your aunt's face when you tell her you are full. She immediately assumes you're sick. Nicolas didn't get the memo. Now he knows that force-feeding is socially acceptable among Lebanese people.

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The guy was just full. But come on, it feels good to be pampered and taken care of!

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This video perfectly sums up the hilarious and awkward moments that happen at every Lebanese gathering. 

It would be cool to see a video about how a Lebanese person would react in a Japanese environment!

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