Villages In Lebanon Protest 3rd Day Without Electricity

Philipe48 | Al Jadeed

The Lebanese village of Hadchit in the mountains of Bcharri has gone through 3 days without electricity due to the theft of power cords along 3 kilometers in the town of Houqa.

The residents of the village have called for the government and people in charge to step up and fix the damages. Several other surrounding villages have been also affected.

Meanwhile, in Baalbek, Ousayra street has also been without electricity for 3 days. The absence of electricity has also cut off the inhabitants’ water supply.

In the town of Hermel, a group of people blocked the road at the Assi river bridge protesting the electricity shortages, as well as the worsening living conditions.


All the while, Electricité du Liban struggles to provide power. Deir Ammar power plant has stopped operating due to a shortage of diesel.

This makes it the 2nd power plant to stop operating after the Zouk power plant went out of service, due to the same issue.

The Zahrani power plant is still functional, however, it is also slowly losing its diesel reserves, posing a threat to the electricity network in Lebanon.

Both the Zahrani and Deir Ammar power plants were operating at maximum power to compensate for the loss sustained when the Zouk plant went non-operational.

Despite the many shipments of fuel Lebanon has received in the past month, as well as the Irani fuel brought by Hezbollah, the blackouts problem remains far from solved.

Electricity is already barely being provided, with some areas barely getting any electricity at all. Private generators are resorting to rationing due to the shortage of fuel.

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