20+ Vintage Photos Of Fashion Trends In Lebanon’s Past Decades

F.C. Gundlach | @onceuponzaman

Lebanon is not only hailed for its stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, and hospitality but it’s also known for the strong sense of aesthetics and fashion of its people.

That has brought it to earn a prominent place in the fashion industry worldwide thanks to its outstanding fashion designers.

Many of them continue to dazzle the world with their talent, creativity, refined style, and exceptional couture.

In addition to that, many major European fashion houses presented their fashion collections in Beirut, which was for decades the center of attention in the Middle East for being the cosmopolitan and fashionable city in the region.

Trendy fashion, though, was never just confined to the catwalks and the celebrities in Lebanon. It was and still is relevant everywhere as the Lebanese have always had an acute sense of fashion.

Here is a look at that in Lebanon’s past decades, as back in time as in the 1920s.

#1 The iconic Sabah in the 1960s

#2 Lebanese top model Andree Acouri, 1960s

#3 The famed Nasrallah Fur Couture, early 60s

#4 Princess Lamia El-Solh in a Bridal gown by Madame Salha Fashion Couture, 1960s

#5 Beirut’s casual style in the 40s

#6 Saint George Bay in 1920

#7 Fresh and trendy – Al Manara 1956

#8 Refined elegance in Beirut of the 1960s

#9 The classiness of the 60s on a normal day in the streets of Tripoli

#10 Youth in fur, Kfarabida 1972 

#11 Georgina Rizk at the Paco Rabanne Fashion Show – Beirut 1970s

#12 Lebanese Top Models at a Dior Fashion Show, Beirut 1970

#13 Sophisticated hairdoes of celebrities by famed Naim Abboud:

The Diva Sabah

Lady Noura Joumblatt

May Arida

#14 Sophisticated and glamorous, Beirut 1963

#15 Known jet-setters of the 1960s: Tony and Georges Abou Sleiman

#16 Lebanon’s Top International Model of the 70s: Mona Ross

#17 From the designs of Lebanese designer Jacques Cassia, 1970s

#18 Day outing in Beirut, 1962

#19 Elegance at the underground night club of Beirut in 1960: The Dug-Out

#20 Lebanese Singer Wedad, 1950s

#21 Jacques Cassia’s Fashion Show, Beirut 1960s

#22 A bridal gown of the 60s by Madame Salha Couture

#23 Riding a bike in formal suit – Sidon 1955

#24 The 70s trend of shorts and bright colors, Beirut

#25 A peek at a Dior Fashion Show in Beirut in the 60s

#26 Lebanese Socialites, Beirut 1966

#27 Glamourous Sabah, 1967

#28 Lebanese singer Madonna in an Elie Saab’s design, 1980s

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20+ Vintage Photos Of Fashion Trends In Lebanon's Past Decades

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