12 Shops To Visit In Beirut If You Are A True Lover Of Vintage & Collectibles

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There is always a particular thrill about exploring vintage shops and the varieties of items they offer. There is never a visit like another as their collections are always changing and we don’t really know what to expect and what we will find.

It is kind of a treasure hunt, especially for collectors. And with vintage fashion now trending, it’s just an exciting experience to take a visit of discovery for vintage clothes and accessories you can acquire for a fraction of their original prices.

Here are shops you can visit for vintage wearables and accessories to home decor, memorabilia, and collectible prints and posters.

#1 Depot Vente Beirut

Perhaps the most famous thrift shop for funky clothing and accessories is Depot Vente Beirut in Mar Mikhael, a proud pioneer in the vintage and second-hand clothing scene in Lebanon.

#2 Hamra Vintage

This thrift shop is located in Hamra and sells a range of second-hand accessories such as bags and glasses, as well as some retro telephones and home decor.

#3 Chic Beirut

A vintage clothing store in downtown Beirut, Chic Beirut collects and sells pre-owned luxury brand items. You may also find new vintage items of past collections.

#4 Second Base

One of Lebanon’s leading vintage shops, Second Base’s goal is to give a chance for second-handed items such as vintage and hipster clothing. The store’s location is in Monot and its revenues go to the humanitarian NGO Fabric AID.

#5 La Boutique du Marché aux Puces

A very cool vintage house in Gemmayze, Gouraud Street, La Boutique du Marché aux Puces sells vintage pieces collected from around the world, from home decor and furniture to clothes, and more; a house full of vintage gems worth discovering!

#6 Halabi Bookshop

“Bringing you happiness with a Dash of Nostalgia” is Halabi Bookshop’s slogan. This tri-lingual bookshop supplies old, used, and new books for all ages. It is located in Kaskasm El-Horge 57, Rue Jalloul 77.

#7 Garage Luxe

An authentic pre-owned luxury store in Ashrafieh, Garage Luxe basically sells vintage and pre-owned luxury items ranging from designer watches to bags and clothing.

#8 Nouvelle Vague Store

Located in Said Akl Street, Nouvelle Vague collects wearable timeless vintages from around the world, even haute-couture and high brands. It also has an online shop.


Presenting itself as a new style of “Brocante” shop, Histoire Geo, as its name indicates, sells heritage items from Lebanon and around the world. 

It’s located in Zahret El-Ihsan Street, in Achrafieh.

#10 Abboudi BouJaoude Vintage Prints

For the lovers of old prints and posters of old movies, this store represents a treasure house. Its owner, Abboudi BouJaoude, is a passionate cinephile and art collector. You’ll find movie-related pop culture memorabilia, posters, and magazines, as well as old books and pictures.

It’s located in Abla Street, Beirut, and has also a store online.

#11 Vintage Magic Beirut

A small Lebanese business that has attracted our attention on Instagram, and we decided it should join this listicle. Vintage Magic Beirut sells cool pre-owned clothes for both women and men, which you can select on Instagram and pay upon delivery at your door.

#12 Pink Henna

At Pink Henna in Mar Mikhael, you will find vintage and new creations accessories, including jewelry, and handbags, and also home decor items.

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