Violent Clashes Overnight In Front Of Lebanon’s Central Bank

@NabeelYakzan | @nabilismail.photojournalist

A protest was organized in front of the Central Bank, the Grand Serail, and the parliament on Wednesday evening under the slogan “Down with the corrupted and criminal system of impoverishment” as a result of the declining purchasing power.

People chanted against the politicians, the current government, and the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, as they held up banners denouncing the ruling political and financial authority.

“The rights of the people are sacred. Our fight for human rights is not a demand,” banners read.

Violent clashes soon erupted between the security forces and the protesters leading to many people being injured and tear-gassed.

This move comes a day after Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor issued a travel ban against Banque Du Liban Governor Riad Salameh, and after many banks refused to hand over data in the ongoing money transfer investigations.

The dire economic crisis is making it harder for the Lebanese people to survive with the minimum monthly wage now equaling to less than 20$. Many rely on their families abroad to send them a small sum of money to survive. Those who have no families abroad have to just manage to live on their little salary.

Other important issues are also affecting the Lebanese people’s daily life, such as their inability to buy medication, sanitary pads, and food, and also milk and diapers for their newborns.

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