Emotional Viral Video of Saudi Nurse Returning Home Telling His Son to Keep His Distance


This video circulating the internet shows how truly difficult it is to be a health worker during this coronavirus pandemic. Even when they leave the hospital, doctors and nurses don’t leave the coronavirus pressure at work. Instead, they take their work home – literally.

This video is of a Saudi nurse who comes home worn out after God knows how many hours. His son runs with open arms to greet him at the front door. Instead of embracing him, the nurse had to stop his kid from getting too close so he doesn’t get infected.

The little one is too young to understand why his father rejected him and freezes, which was too much for the nurse to handle. He instantly breaks down.

He is not alone. Possibly all parent nurses or doctors must be experiencing the same emotional stress when they come home to their families.

Some choose painfully but wisely not to even go back home so they don’t put their parents, siblings, spouses, or children at risk.

This has been the toughest time for health workers around the globe who are risking their lives every day to try to keep patients with severe cases from dying of the coronavirus.

Many health workers have contracted the virus from infected patients. Some have been cured, while others passed away, giving their lives to the helping of others.

As the coronavirus is highly infectious, health workers have to be wary of their actions, especially around the people they love.

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