Virgin Megastore closed its branch in Downtown Beirut

The iconic Virgin Megastore in Downtown Beirut closed and moved to ABC Verdun. According to


, the business slowed down in the area due to construction work and roadblocks. The rent gradually increased, and the number of clients declined. The store will likely be replaced by a diplomatic mission. Regarding the roadblocks, pedestrians have access to Nejmeh Square again thanks to a decision made by the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri. Barriers and obstacles around the square’s different entrances prevented pedestrians and drivers from going there. Stores and restaurants in the area were negatively impacted. Many retailers closed down their shops. The Mayor of Beirut Jamal Itani

plans on bringing business back to the area

. The Mayor talked to the retailers, and he said that he could potentially lower the rents in the Downtown District of Beirut.