12 Reasons To Visit Deir El-Qamar In Lebanon

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Located in the Chouf District only 5 kilometers from Beiteddine, Deir El-Qamar, which translates into Monastery of the Moon, is a Lebanese village as beautiful and long-standing as the shining celestial body.

#1 Historic City

Deir El Qamar was the first to establish a municipality in in 1864.

#2 Traditional Architecture

Deir el Qamar has some of the most beautiful traditional houses in , some quite imposing.

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#3 Ottoman Remains

Deir El-Qamar holds some remains from the Ottoman period, notably the 15th-century Fakhreddine Mosque, Fakhreddine II Palace, and the old Khan Al-Harir (silk souk).

#4 Fakhreddine II Palace

The 17th century Fakhreddine II Palace is for a symbol of freedom, industry, art, and Lebanese courage during the Ottoman period.

#5 Saydet El-Talle Church

Important historical religious site “Our Lady of The Hill” is a that dates back to the 15th century.

#6 Historic Hotel

Originally built as a palace in 1827 by Emir Bashir II, Deir El-Oumara (The Dwelling of the Princes) is a historic building dating back hundreds of years. It is a popular spot for weddings.

#7 Marie Baz Wax Museum

The wax museum is housed by the 17th century Fakhreddine II Palace.

It exhibits 150 wax figurines, executed by the sculptors of the Grevin Museum in . They represent the Lebanese who shaped the history of Lebanon by their talents, their writings, and their political decisions.

#8 Relaxing Guesthouses

The picturesque village is complete with guesthouses where visitors can stay as they discover the many hidden treasures of the town.


#9 Beautiful Alleys of Past Times

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Deir al Qamar Текст бессовестным образом скопирован из интернета. В течение XVI—XVIII веков Дейр-эль-Камар был столицей и резиденцией губернаторов Ливана. Это была первая деревня в Ливане, где в 1864 году появился муниципалитет, а также родились многие известные личности, как художники, писатели и политики. Дейр-эль-Камар — это главное укрытие друзов зимой, а Бааклин — это город, в котором они проживали летом. Дейр-эль-Камар известен, как столица эмиров. В городе жили люди разных верований, а в городе стояли мечеть, синагога и христианские церкви. В 1860 году Дейр-эль-Камар был разрушен во время гражданской войны между друзами и христианами. Наполеон III отправил контингент французов в город, чтобы восстановить Дейр-эль-Камар. В 1864 году Дейр-эль-Камар избрал первый муниципалитет в арабских провинциях Османской империи. Перепись населения, проведенная османами во время правления Коркмаза бин-маана, отца Фахр ад-Дина II, насчитывала 156 человек в Дейр эль-Камаре, и все они были друзами. Сегодня 85 % жителей Дейр-эль-Камара составляют марониты, а 14 % — мелькиты.

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If these ancient alleys could speak, so many stories they could tell…

#10 A place to enjoy nature

#11 Oustanding sceneries

#12 The Moussa Castle nearby

While in town, one must also visit the Moussa Castle, located between Deir el Qamar and Beit Eddine. It is the life work of a Lebanese romantic dreamer, whose 60 years of dedicated hard-work made him and the castle an inspiring legend. Get to know his story here.

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