Vlogger With 3.3 Million Followers Sheds Lights On Beirut Explosion

Project Nightfall | Reuters

Speaking to his enormous audience, popular vlogger Project Nightfall made a video about the explosion that “shocked the world” – the Beirut explosion of August 4th.

This massive explosion is considered to be one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history and the biggest peace-time blast that has ever shaken Lebanon.

Project Nightfall has 3.3 million followers on Facebook, his main platform, where he makes meaningful videos, talks about social issues, the environment, facts, and more.

Now, he’s exposing the Lebanese government, putting it at fault for this disaster.

The majority of citizens believe it was the government’s negligence and years of corruption that led up to the calamity that could have easily been avoided had officials been more responsible.

“Unfortunately, this is the result of war, the lost war against the government.”

In the video, he featured a strong cry from Lebanese citizens: “If you or your country’s leaders want to donate, please do not donate directly to the Lebanese government. They’ve stolen from us before and they will do it again.”

Project Nightfall encouraged people to donate to trusted organizations. All proceeds from his video will be donated to the Lebanese Food Bank.

Watch the video below:

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