Vlogger With 1M+ Followers Just Came to Lebanon Showing the Revolution

Drew Binsky is an American travel blogger and vlogger from Texas, US, who travels around the world and shows his viewers the tradition and folklore of each country. 


Binsky always inspires people to step out of their comfort zone and explore the beauty of cultural diversities all over the world. Lately, he is planning on visiting every country around the world and make daily videos about people’s lifestyles.

He has currently visited 169 countries out of the 197 countries that he is planning to visit. Binsky has 2.4M likes on Facebook and 374K followers on Instagram, with one billion views on YouTube in total.

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Among all the countries he has visited, Lebanon is one of Binsky’s favorites! He has visited it three times and is willing to come back really soon to follow up with the revolution that he considers “beautiful to witness.”

Binsky captures in his three and a half minutes long video Lebanon’s 17 October Revolution, mainly the one happening in Riad El-Solh. He interviewed Lebanese revolutionaries who explained the conditions and the reasons behind them taking the streets as refuges against current circumstances.

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The Lebanese people tried explaining the situation to Binsky, starting with the bank situation and why the ATM machines are sprayed all over in red, and all through to the educational, health care, and financial crises. 

One of the interviewees explained to him, “Religions here are something amazing because we have many religions. But now, it’s a problem for us because they’re using it against each other.”

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When Binsky asked how revolting it must feel like, a Lebanese girl answered: “It feels amazing to have hope in our country.” Her friend teasingly added: “I normally don’t go to the gym but… I’ve been walking every day!”

While interviewing the locals, Binsky showed many of the graffiti arts that Riad Solh has been decorated with, stressing on the peacefulness and the artistic sides of the revolution.

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Binsky wrote as a caption to the video: “For the last 48 days, there has been a revolution happening where people of all ages, religious and political parties have been on the streets protesting for a better Lebanon.”

“I wandered around downtown Beirut to interview random locals and hear their thoughts because their voices want to be heard. Loud and clear.”

He included saying: “If there’s one takeaway I have from today, it’s that the vast majority of people in this country are coming together as one. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it. It’s beautiful to witness.” 


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