5 Foreign YouTubers That Captured Lebanon’s Thawra

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Last year, several international travel vloggers with thousands of subscribers on YouTube found themselves in the middle of Lebanon’s ‘thawra’.

While some came knowing what to expect, others witness the revolution spontaneously erupt first hand.

A year later, as the Lebanese Revolution just stepped into its 2nd year, their videos are forever a reminder that, while quieter at the moment, it is still very much alive across the country and the world.

#1 The Life of Jord

Jordan Simons aka “The Life of Jord” vlogged his experience in the revolution in Lebanon through three consecutive videos. In fact, Jordan was in Lebanon and began his vlog on October 17! What are the odds?

He was amazed by the Lebanese-style protests that included street food, a stage, music, and simple, harmless, loving people who just wanted a much-needed change.

“I would definitely be spending more time here,” he said. “This is the way to do a protest!”

#2 Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob visited Lebanon for a 14-day trip in early 2020, before the coronavirus outbreak. While touring around the beautiful country, he also got a taste of Lebanon’s revolution.

He was in awe of the many contrasts in our small country. One minute you could be in the middle of a protest, and the next you could be enjoying a meal with a gorgeous view.

“This experience made me realize that Lebanon truly is a very beautiful country full of mind-boggling contrasts,” he said.

#3 Chomad

Chomad is a popular South Korean vlogger who arrived in Lebanon just as a protest was taking place.

Through his experience, he positively changed people’s minds from thinking it was a dangerous place to the beautiful place that it is.

His trip proved that even while a protest is happening, you could enjoy your time in Lebanon – just like the many contrasts YouTube Jacob Laukaitis was referring to.

After the August 4 explosion, Chomad wrote on his IG, “I was shocked to see the news for Beirut today. Last year, I was very touched by the peaceful protests of my Lebanese friends. I have a lot of beautiful memories in Beirut thanks to the kind and friendly people I met,” and he urged his followers to pray for Beirut.

#4 Drew Binsky

With almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube, world travel blogger Drew Binsky dropped down in Beirut to showcase Lebanon’s revolution.

He’s been to Lebanon numerous times and loves it. In fact, he listed Beirut as his #4 top 10 favorite cities in the world – and he’s been almost everywhere!

Last year, he interviewed many Lebanese protesters in the streets and showed the thawra. “It’s really cool, everyone is decked out in Lebanese flags, very very patriotic, and it’s a great atmosphere,” he said from Martyrs’ Square.

#5 Luke Heater

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When a protest erupts and you can’t refund your ticket, you go anyway!

That’s exactly what Luke and his friend did. Besides trying out the glorious Beirut street food, their video really showed how the thawra came alive at night.

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