Vogue Just Dedicated Its June Issue To Lebanon

Vogue Arabia

From cover to cover, this month’s issue of Vogue Arabia is entirely inspired by a tiny but fierce Mediterranean country called Lebanon.

Vogue is calling its June release a Love Letter To Lebanon, dedicating it to the nation’s strength, pride, resilience, and hope.

And who is more fitting as the cover star than Lebanese diva Majida El-Roumi?

This is the first time throughout her career to be featured on the cover of a magazine. It is truly a proud moment to represent her country and her people in a well-deserved (and frankly, long overdue) debut cover.

An all-Lebanese team worked on the cover story of this issue. El-Roumi was styled, photographed by Lebanese geniuses, and dressed in designs by world-famous Lebanese designers Georges Hobeika and Zuhair Murad.

The issue celebrates and uplifts Lebanon during its toughest times. The country is battling the worst economic crisis in recent history and the pandemic only added salt to the wound. But the Lebanese remain strongwilled.

Vogue Arabia’s June release serves as a reminder of Lebanon’s accomplishments. It highlights its place in the worlds of music, fashion, beauty, filming, and its overall cultural influence.

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“In the name of freedom, I do salute you. My country people, peace be upon you. I belong to these brave people who live on the knife-edge, who fought tyrants with their blood for years. My natives, you are the crown of the home. You give support in times of adversity. A hundred salutes from my heart… I love you, my country.” Cover star Majida El Roumi speaks to the people of Lebanon – to all generations, who together have endured and overcome troubled times, and who share a deep passion and love for Lebanon. Share your love letter to Lebanon in the comments below. #VogueArabia #VogueLovesLebanon "صوت الحق الصارخ فيكن، ما خلى العينين تنام. باسم الحرية بحييكن، يا أهل بلادي سلام. أنا من هالشعب المغوار، لعايش ع حد السكين. قاتل سلاطين النار، ودموا ع كفوا من سنين. أهلي وأنتو تاج الدار، وأنتوا عكاز الأيام. من قلبي ميت سلام. هالأرض المزروعة دموع، مين عن حبها بيفصلنا؟ الغدر، الخوف، الحرب، الجوع. مين عن حضنها بيبعدنا. نحن عشنا فيها دروع، تتحدى حقول الألغام. من قلبي ميت سلام. بحبك يا بلدي"… بهذه الكلمات، تخاطب نجمة غلاف عددنا لشهر يونيو، الفنانة ماجدة الرومي، شعب لبنان الأصيل – بكل أجياله التي تحملت بكل صبر وجلد الأوقات العصيبة، والذين يعتريهم حبّ جم وشغف جارف نحو لبنان. وأنتم أيضاً يمكنكم أن تبعثوا برسالة تعبّر عن حبكم للبنان في التعليقات أدناه. #فوغ_العربية #ڤوغ_تحتفي_بلبنان Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut | Film: @carlhalal | Style: @aminejreissaty | Makeup: @bassamfattouh | Hair: @joeraad

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