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Meet The Lebanese Actor Behind The Voice Of Shaggy In Scooby-Doo

We all used to watch Scooby-Doo when we were children. Full of mysteries and hilarious moments, it’s a cartoon we would gladly watch again.

Did you know, Shaggy’s voice actor was Lebanese?

Born in Detroit to a Lebanese Druze family, Casey Kasem voiced Shaggy from 1969 until 1997, and from 2002 until 2009.

Although his name or face might not be very famous, Casey’s voice is highly recognizable.

Casey Kasem quit his career as a voice actor because of a dispute over a TV ad. According to sources, Casey was a hardcore vegan and a supporter of animal rights.

When he was asked to voice Shaggy in a Burger King commercial, Casey, a hardcore vegan, was not pleased with the idea and quit his job.

In 2002, the producers of Scooby-Doo agreed to make Shaggy a vegetarian. So, Casey jumped on board again.

Casey and countdown shows

Casey co-founded the American Top 40 franchise, and he was the host of Casey’s top 40. 

These are radio shows where Casey featured the best-selling and most-played 40 songs of the week. Casey Kasem passed away in 2014. He was granted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1981.

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Meet The Lebanese Actor Behind The Voice Of Shaggy In Scooby-Doo

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