NGOs In Lebanon Are Opening For Online Volunteering

Now more than ever, volunteering to help those in need is important. With all that Lebanon is going through, every person can do something to alleviate the suffering of the nation.

While Lebanon counts numerous well-established NGOs, the number of those able to volunteer in person has decreased due to the pandemic.

The NGOs are trying to adapt the best they can, and some are now accepting online volunteering.

In a country where governmental social services to the needed and the marginalized lack, all help from the citizens via established NGOs is not only welcome but highly encouraged.

The961 did some research for organizations that are currently calling for online volunteers. Here is the first bulk where you can start:

#1 Fabricaid

Fabricaid is looking to recruit young Ambassadors among university students. This organization provides poor families with good-quality clothing collected from their blue bins that are distributed around Lebanon.

By helping us increase the amount of clothes we collect, they would also be increasing the chances of helping an individual or a family in need.


The volunteers must be active daily – with flexible hours – from July 20th till August 7th. No experience is required for this position and it is mostly online.

For more information or to apply, visit here.

#2 Ahla Fawda

It’s in the name: Ahla Fawda (prettiest mess) is a cultural, environmental, and protective NGO that strives to make Lebanon a better place, spreading joy around Lebanese cities through art and greenery.

The NGO is looking for a multilingual volunteer to work closely with their executive team as an admin intern for three months- three days per week, 3-4 hours per day.

The position is of great responsibility; the intern should know how to use Office applications (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel) so that he/she will be able to organize files, letters, diary, and events.

Find out more here.

#3 Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank (LFB) became wildly popular this year because of its tremendous humane efforts towards ending hunger in Lebanon, delivering over 12,000 food packages monthly to NGOs around Lebanon.

Other than donations, LFB collects surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels. They distribute the collected goods to 70 NGOs that, in turn, give them to the less-fortunate families.

The Lebanese Foodbank currently needs a translator from English into Arabic to help translate surveys.

To apply, visit here.

#4 Peace First

Peace First is a worldwide organization dedicated to spreading peace around the world through culture, art, education, and health.

It provides young innovators with new “peacemaking” ideas with the right tools and connections so that they’ll spread their mission.

Peace First is currently looking for two types of volunteers:

1) Peace Maker: Young innovators aged 13-25 to create change in their community.

We are looking for someone who has seen many issues in their community and wants to take action to make a change by starting and creating their initiative.

Peace First

Most of us Lebanese hold the same vision Peace First holds for Lebanon; ending poverty, providing better education, reducing inequalities, and the like.

If you are a young entrepreneur with the same mindset, Peace First will be ready to boost your new initiative with the right tools and funds. You’ll get to be a peacemaker and do good for the Lebanese community!

To apply, visit here.

2) Covid-19 Community Leader/Relief

This position requires no previous experiences and coaching will be provided by the NGO.

In March 2020, Peace First launched its first Covid-19 response system, encouraging young innovators to develop their related initiatives.

“We invite all interested volunteers to apply to this opportunity to lead a virtual initiative to help others in this stressing time, learn about the process of starting and developing an initiative, receive coaching and feedback, and potentially be eligible for future opportunities within the Peace First community.”

To apply, visit here.

#6 Embrace

Embrace is Lebanon’s first hotline response to mental health issues. It aims to prevent suicide by providing immediate assistance to those in despair via the hotline: 1564.

If you or a friend of yours need to talk to a friendly person who understands your plight, please contact Embrace at 1564.

We can all support Embrace simply by sharing their social media awareness posts.

But, if you are looking to help more and volunteer, you can become one of Embrace’s lifeline operators.

“Helpline operators work hard at answering crisis calls, de-escalating crises, and providing the caller with emotional support. With the aim of having the Embrace Lifeline available 24/7, the need to have more volunteer helpline operators is major.”


If you are above 21, able to volunteer for a year, and willing to work for 3.5 to 7 hours per week, you may go ahead and apply here. Professional workshops will be provided.

Also, do check available volunteer positions at The Volunteer Circle.

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