Here’s The Detailed Turnout For The Lebanese Elections So Far

Lebanon Elections Explained
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Lebanon is witnessing a historic election time that might change its course for the better. Polling stations across the country have been crowded with voters since the early morning.

So far, here are the voting rates in the governates:

Beirut I: 9.79%
Beirut II: 12.81%

Mount Lebanon I: 24.766 %
Mount Lebanon II: 18.28%
Mount Lebanon III: 18.17%
Mount Lebanon IV: 17.83%

North Governate I: 10.05%
North Governate II: 12.32%
North Governate III: 20.88%

South Governate I: 15.92%
South Governate II: 13.92%
South Governate III: 18.06%

Beqaa Governate I: 12.58%
Beqaa Governate II: 12.71%
Beqaa Governate III: 15.89%

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Here's The Detailed Turnout For The Lebanese Elections So Far

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