Walid Jumblatt Just Resigned After 46 Years


Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) leader, Walid Jumblatt, announced his resignation as party leader, a position he has held since the assassination of his father, Kamal Jumblat, in 1977.

This unexpected departure came with Jumblatt’s simultaneous resignation from the PSP’s leadership council, as per reports from the party’s news portal, al-Anbaa.

Jumblatt, who at 73 years old, has been a force in Lebanese politics for decades, urged the need for an electoral convention. The convention is scheduled for June 25, in compliance with the party’s constitution and bylaws.

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His instructions to the general secretariat were explicit: ensure that necessary preparations are finalized in accordance with the norms and applicable mechanisms. This includes issuing memos specifying key deadlines for the electoral process, such as nomination request submissions and withdrawal cut-off dates.

Jumblatt’s departure from the political arena isn’t entirely new.

In 2018, he passed the baton of his parliamentary career to his son and political successor, Taymour Jumblatt. Taymour has continued in his father’s footsteps, as evidenced by his election as a Member of Parliament in both the 2018 and 2022 legislative elections.

Jumblatt’s resignation and the upcoming electoral convention mark a significant milestone in the history of the PSP.

With the directives set, the focus now turns towards the General Secretariat as they prepare for the forthcoming convention and the future of the party.

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