Walid Jumblatt Urges Opposition In Parliament To Form A United Front Against March 8 Parties

Wael Hamzeh/EPA

Former member of Parliament Walid Jumblatt said that, after yesterday’s defeat in the parliament election, it would be more beneficial for the opposition MPs to form a united front to be able to face the March 8 parties.

He considered the defeat of “the new majority” in electing a Vice President of Parliament to be due to a lack of coordination among the MPs.

Hence, he advises them to formulate a united program that overcomes the minor differences among them to be able to face off against the Syrian-Iranian-March 8 parties in the Parliament.

Walid Jumblatt, a long-time leader in the Druze community in Lebanon and head of the PSP party, warned that these parties will avenge their losses in the parliamentary elections and will show mercy to no one.

However, his words were not well received by many since he and the re-elected Head of Parliament Nabih Berri are renowned allies.

People questioned if it would have been better for him to face off against the head of parliament instead of making remarks about the vice president who does not have as much power.

Others questioned the intention of that statement when the MPs of the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) in Parliament are Berri’s allies.

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