Wall Around Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian Camp Is Nearly Done

In November 2016, an agreement was announced between the Lebanese Army and the Palestinian factors to construct a wall around Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp. Despite several Palestinian factions opposing it, the Lebanese authorities proceeded to build the security wall around the Palestinian refugee camp in the south of Lebanon. Around 80-85% of the wall has been completed. It will also include watch towers. The entrances will be equipped with gates in order to control passage in case of violent conflicts inside the camp. The camp has faced an increasing number of armed clashes. So the Lebanese army decided it will be able to better preserve the security with the help of a wall. The Palestinian factions have (vocally) objected the construction of the wall, despite implicitly agreeing to it before. In a recent report, the Palestinian Association for Human Rights said:

In this way, Ain al-Hilweh camp would be fully surrounded by a cement wall that prevents the entrance or exit of any person except through the four main passages.

The report also criticized the way the camps are governed from within.

Some Positivity In Ain Al-Hilweh

The number of fatalities has decreased in the 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon – including Ain al-Hilweh. Also, a number of wanted fugitives have surrendered. Legally, the Lebanese army and police can’t operate inside the refugee camps based on a United Nations law. This is what contributed to the increase in tension leading up to the civil way in the 70’s. People who committed crimes would hide in the camps so no one could come after them. A deal was made between the Lebanese Army and Palestinian factions last summer. It led to a number of wanted suspects hiding out in Palestinians refugee camps, mainly Ain al-Hilweh, hand themselves over to Lebanese authorities.

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