Check Out ‘The Wall Of Kindness’ In Lebanon!

“Take what you need, leave what you don’t” is the slogan of a new charitable initiative in Lebanon called

The Wall of Kindness.

This project started in Iran where the economy was in a bad shape: there was a high number of unemployed people, and people could not afford to buy clothes. In the winter of 2015, a group of young Iranians came up with an idea to provide clothes for those in need. So they painted a wall in the street and attached cloth hangers on it. Those who have clothes that they do not need can hang them there, and those who are in need can help themselves. In fact, the project got embraced quickly not only by the Iranian community but also by many countries such as India, UAE, China, Pakistan, and Lebanon. A group of concerned Lebanese citizens brought this great initiative to Beirut, more precisely to Sodeco square. Anything can be hung on

The Wall of Kindness

: clothes, shoes, toys, book, and even non-perishable food. Check out their Facebook


! What is awesome is that goodwill spread quickly in Lebanon and

The Wall of Kindness

got created in Tripoli!

There is a store in Beirut that gives out clothes for free to those in need!

Tyeb Al 3id

” is another charitable initiative in Lebanon that provides free clothes for those who are in need. Chirine Kabbani, a young Lebanese journalist, felt guilty of having too many clothes that she does not wear. So she gathered them all and gave them away to young girls and women. With $1,000 from her budget and the help of some people, she opened a store called “Tyeb A 3id”. This store provides clean clothes, bags, books, and toys to the people who cannot afford to buy new items. The store is in Bourj Abi Haidar. Everyone is welcome to help themselves. Chirine calls Lebanese people to open their closets for charity which will draw a smile on people’s faces. Let’s spread this kind spirit in Lebanon! Be good and do good!

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