Meet The Newest Eco-friendly Bicycle Courier Service In Lebanon

Wasil Bicycle Courier

Wasil is the newest initiative launched to provide bicycle courier business in the Lebanese northern capital, Tripoli, targeting local businesses and companies, and delivering packages up to 1kg.

This initiative was created by Natheer Halawani, an engineer, photographer, cycling enthusiast, and Bicycle Mayor of Tripoli.

This initiative aims to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable delivery service with cheap costs since cyclists don’t have to pay for the high prices of diesel.

It reduces the pollution rates in the city, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, and also provides job opportunities for the locals.

Wasil, which is a Lebanese word often used to say “I’m arriving right now”, is run and managed by a group of cyclists of men and women from Tripoli.

They strive to provide delivery services in a professional and timely manner and in all circumstances, from Monday to Friday, 11 am till 3 pm, catering to businesses, organizations, companies, and also online shops based in Tripoli.

Wasil assured in an IG post that even during storms and winter, roads blocked and other impediments of the Lebanese daily life, “the bicycle is not affected by any of those factors. The bicycle courier can still deliver the order in all of these circumstances and without delays.”

Wasil launched its operations in November of 2021 upon receiving its first seed fund from INJAZ Lebanon, a non-profit organization aiming to help Lebanese youth gain the required skills and mindset to become future entrepreneurs and qualified professionals.

This initiative is another indication that the Lebanese are not just adapting to, and coping with the crises, but are also tapping into them to progress and evolve.

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