Watch: Awkward moment host spills coffee on popular live Lebanese TV show

TV shows, even when live, are pretty well scripted and leave very little room for error. However, sometimes things happen and when you’re on live TV, you need to adapt accordingly.


This is exactly what happened on a recent episode of Bte7la ElHayet on LBCI Lebanon.

Bte7la ElHayet is an afternoon talk show that relates to “the daily life of modern women in Lebanon.”

During the cooking segment of a recent episode, one of the hosts is seen leaning forward to place her cup of coffee on the table.


She then drops the cup spilling the coffee all over the floor.


Her mic receiver falls off and she stumbles to grab it.


The incident creates a moment of awkwardness on the show as you see one of the hosts (left) looking concerned while the other (right) nervously laughing at the situation.Via LBC

Remember, this is all on live television…

The two hosts behind the counter did a good job handling the situation, though.

One of the hosts reassures her not to worry stating that “these things happen” – reiterating a Lebanese saying “Kab il Ahweh, kheir” meaning spilling/dropping coffee brings blessing/good luck.

Right away, we see a guy wearing a red Vileda shirt pop up in the frame.



Not sure if they realized the camera in the studio was broadcasting but we see the guy cleaning the floor using the Vileda mop – while the host laughs, clearly embarrassed.


In a matter of seconds, the entire spill was cleaned up. They thanked him and laughingly closed the segment before going to a break.



This funny (slash) awkward situation is definitely one no one will forget!

Check it out:


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